Victus Soul - Your journey has only just begun!

Your journey has only just begun!

Welcome to Victus Soul and the launch of our monthly newsletter and blog. Within this space you will always find more insight on our studio, events, special offers and most of all our support.

We also want to know more about you and how you're conquering your journey, so please feel free to keep in touch via e-mail and share your stories with us. We look forward to learning more.

Q&A with the Founders

How did you come up with the idea for Victus Soul?

Founded by Paul, Chris and Pete. They are each Loughborough University graduates. Paul & Chris launched their first gym in July 2014 (energie Fitness Bethnal Green) which went incredibly well and ended up opening another four gyms within the energie Fitness brand. They still own and operate four énergie clubs but they found themselves drawn to trying out a new model. They had seen the boutique market growing, both in the UK and in the US, and we were training in boutiques a lot ourselves, so started to formulate the concept for Victus Soul and at the same time, Pete, joined the founding team having previously worked in Sports Technology.

The idea was finalised in March 2018 and Victus Soul opened on Mansell Street in November 2018.

How would you describe the concept?

Victus Soul is a boutique experience that’s focused on HIIT, offering running and boxing inspired group exercise classes. We have two studios – HIIT & RUN and HIIT & BOX – and the floor-based interval is the same in both. It’s the cardio intervals that differ: either running or boxing.

Their personal view is that the multi-discipline boutiques – studios with, for example, cycling, yoga and HIIT in one environment – aren’t where the market should be. We believe a boutique should be best in class at one thing, and that’s what brought us back to HIIT. It’s the most effective way to train and that’s what we want to specialise in. That’s our sole focus.

Recovery is a strong focus for us within all our HIIT classes. We don’t feel recovery is very well served in the market at the moment; if you’re asking anyone to train at the intensity they need to achieve in a HIIT class, they also need to recover just as hard.

Why is recovery so important and tell us about the approach

Proper recovery is crucial for continual improvement. If the rate and type of recovery is appropriate, higher training volumes and intensities are achievable without the detrimental effects of overtraining. Victus Soul focuses on active recovery within the classes, as this allows recovery both physically and mentally from the stresses of training.

Active recovery reduces the build-up of lactic acid and minimises post-exercise stiffness and helps to alleviate fatigue, so people leave the class with a similar heart rate to the beginning. It also promotes blood flow to joints and muscles and allows some recovery for the mind.

The trainers educate customers to listen to their bodies and take a day off if they need to - this has no impact on fitness, while helping to prevent burnout and the risk of injury. Quality over quantity is always encouraged while working out: incorrect form and technique which comes about through tiredness, leaves you more susceptible to injury.

All Victus Soul instructors emphasise the importance of recovery and aim to link the end of HIIT training into the active recovery phase. The whole workout flows into one and the start of the recovery is still quite challenging, but by the end of it we’ve brought people back to a stable state so they’re ready to leave. We end the class focusing on breathing, being aware of yourself and what you just achieved. We want people to go away feeling mentally revived as well as physically challenged.

What is Victus Soul’s mission and Core Values?


Conquer Your Journey

It’s you VS you…this is about our people’s journey and what they want to conquer. Some just want to run fast, some have never been to a studio and are on the start of their fitness journey, some are super fit and regular studio go-ers. Everyone has their own idea of what being healthy means and Victus Soul is here to support, train, educate, inspire and motivate all.

Train for Tomorrow

We set out trying to design the fitness program our bodies were designed for through our primal movement daily split. Scientifically programmed, the workouts are designed to ensure you train with the technique and form for the results you want, while incorporating active recovery into each and every work out.

Protect Our Soul

We aim to be mindful of all our actions, whether that be the way our customers are treated to the way we impact the environment and give back to the community.

What are you more immediate plans

Making our customers and community happy. The studio launched with 36 classes on the timetable and we have now increased to 45. This will increase to approximately 55 from the start of May. In time, we’d like to get closer to 100 classes a week.

We also have plans to do more events and more technique focus classes, such as Boxing and Running Master Classes, classes that focus solely on recovery and mobility and our 75 minute dual class incorporating both studios.

We also have something on paper that we’d like to do in the area of digital fitness. We’re exploring how we can cater to people who can’t get to our studio, as well as reaching out to support our customers outside of the club. For example, recovery shouldn’t just be something that happens for 10 minutes at the end of a class. It should also be something you think about at home, and just before you go to bed.

Thanks for reading and see you in the studio soon.


Paul, Chris and Pete

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