First Timers Victus Soul

First Timers

First time to the studio, don't worry, we got you .



  • Arrive 15 minutes before your first class
  • Come ready to workout. Trainers must be worn in all classes except for reformer
  • You will be required to do an induction before the class. Inductions start 5 minutes before class. No induction, no entry. This is for the safety of you and others in the class
  • Late entry to class is not permitted and waitlisted spots will be released 4 minutes before class
  • We sell water and have a water station outside studio 1 where you can fill up your water bottle
  • HIIT&BOX: we offer complimentary gloves but we recommend that you purchase your own gloves, mitts/wraps if you intend on coming regularly. Mitts can be purchased for £5. 
  • REFORMER: make sure you bring grip socks. Grip socks must be worn during our reformer classes. We sell grip socks for £10.  
  • Post-workout protein shakes are available to pre-order


  • Trainers must be worn during and throughout all of our classes except for reformer
  • REFORMER: grip socks must be worn during our reformer classes. Shoes should be left in lockers
  • HIIT&BOX: mitts and gloves must be worn during our HIIT&BOX classes
  • Sweat towels are provided outside of the studios
  • There is a water fountain outside of studio 1 where you can refill your water bottlle. We also sell cart water for £1.50. 
  • Ensure you put back all equipment post use in the correct location
  • All of our workouts are designed to provide you with the best workout in the allocated time. They all finish with our signature recovery


  • Luxury changing room facilities with amenities including Bamford shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion
  • GHD hair dryers and straigheners
  • Deodorant, cotton pads and dry shampoo also provided
  • Shower towels are available from FOH
  • Refuel post your workout with shakes from our Soul Bar

They made me feel so welcome as a first timer. Highly recommend.

ClassPass December 2023

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